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Blackberry , Android & iOS Mobile Application Developments

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Portfolioman.com provides "Native Mobile Application" Development services:iPhone, Android and Blackberry Native Apps and have expert team of Mobile Application Developer which helps you to transform your offline business to the world of mobility. Our Mobile app developers has deep understanding of mobile technology, tools and has expertise in integrating it using different programming languages and systems.

We are Associate Member of the Blackberry Alliance Program

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Mobile Site Developments

Mobile Site Development

Usage of mobile internet in pair with demand for mature mobile web developers is growing constantly. Smartphones & Tablets have become much more widespread which means the web presence of your business has to be thoroughly expanded and give the users an opportunity to access your website, online store or social app through any device : Andoid, Blackberry, iPad, Windows Mobile

iOs Mobile Apps Development iOs iOS

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Managed Wifi Carrier Class

Manage Wifi



Managed Wifi - Carrier Class

Portfolioman and Netford, Korea ( NF ) offers provides end-to-end Managed Wi-Fi service to Telecom Service Providers. We offer integrated solution which includes:
1) site identification
2) In-building equipment deployment
3) Bandwidth Backhaul
4) Internet Bandwidth
5) Billing Integration and Management of the complete infrastructure

We offer Managed Wi-Fi services in Jakarta areas with wide coverage of Wi-Fi hotspots across Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Office space, Markets and Residential societies.

Key Benefits:
1) Service Provider to focus on Marketing & Sales
2)Integration with Service Providers’ core network for seamless authentication
3) Zero additional capex
4) Saves expensive Wireless Spectrum through traffic offloads
5) Wide network of Wi-Fi Hotspots/Hot zones across major cities in Jakarta - Indonesia
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Mobile Marketing Campaign





Mobile Marketing Campaign

Where do people go when they scan your QR Code? If you said your website then you should reconsider your QR Code campaigns. The truth is many phones have low bandwidth, cannot support flash and have a tough time loading “regular” desktop Web Sites.

What do you want your customers to see when they scan your code? A page that takes forever to load? Or a quick simple, to the point mobile optimized site that sells?

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Custom Tags

Microsoft Tags

Scan Our Microsoft Tag found on the left hand side. Feel free to download Microsoft Tag Reader at [ gettag.mobi ] for your Smartphone

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Custom Built Applications


Custom Built Applications

Custom built applications involve the development of a system that can meet the exact needs of your day-to-day operation. It should effect and enhance usability, the process-flow of information, productivity and impact upon profitability. This can take the shape of online quotation or booking systems, paperless apps, employee scheduling, document management systems, Building Automation or Surveillance System apps or turning a paper-based office into an entirely digital environment.

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Access Control RFID Solutions




Access Control RFID Solutions

We provide the following solutions for Access Control :
+ Access Control RFID Intergration
+ Hotel & Apartments Locking Systems
+ Eleveator Access Control Systems
+ Office & Building Automation
+ Time & Attendance systems
+ Sms Server's Notification

visit our access control 's sections or visit our Hotel Access Control for more detail infomations.

Barcode equipment and peripherals
Mobile Applications

Barcode equipment and peripherals

We are one of the Chiperlab and Argox's suppliers with a complete line of barcode equipments and peripherals.Our major product lines include barcode label printers, barcode scanners, and portable data terminals. We provide several segemented market for our barcode equipments and peripherals which covers:

+ Manufacturing
+ Retails

please visit our Barcode & Peripherals 's sections for more detail informations


Cloud Based E-mails

Mobile Applications


Integrate Cloud based e-mails with your favourite desktop Email application

Email, Calendars and Contacts in sync across all devices. Use our webmail app or continue using Mac Mail, Outlook , Thunderbird or your favourite desktop application

Support 1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad

Step-by-step wizards to create email addresses . Automatically generated setup guides. 1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad. Intuitive UI that users love. Easy to use graphical admin. It all helps reduce support calls.

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Inventory Control


Inventory Control Solutions

Portfolioman Inventory helps to solve clients problems from the ground-up. We provides an integrated platform that encompasses all available information about the company’s assets, combining it with an innovative approach to mobile data collection and verification via a barcode data collector unit..

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Web Application Developments
Blackberry Development

Web Application Developments

Our advanced web development services aims at executing dynamic applications that would meet the growing business needs on the web. Our technical capabilities allow us to deliver development of every complexity: from simple scripts to complex applications. Portfolioman will help you reinforce your online business taking advantage of multiple languages, databases and advanced programming

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Hotel Security Integrated Systems

Hotel Security Integrated Systems

We provide Hotel Security integrated systems which are future-proof and quick to install. Moreover, unlike other systems, modern designed products blend in well with your hotel’s interior!

The software that you buy from us is yours to keep – no yearly licensing fees or expensive lease contracts. Add in our software support, in-house training days and integration with all major hotel reservation systems

You will find below a selection of our Access Control Systems. We also offer MIFARE card (RFID), ProxCard ®, Magstripe, Dual, Proximity among other contactless systems.

Hotel Security Integrated Systems

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