Online Inventory Control Management


Portfolioman Inventory helps to solve clients problems from the ground-up. We provides an integrated platform that encompasses all available information about the company’s assets, combining it with an innovative approach to mobile data collection and verification via a barcode data collector unit.

Mobile Application Intergration
- Connect your Mobile Devices to Inventory on the fly ( real time )
- Check & Lock your Sales Order via Mobile Apps
- Check stock via your inventory directly on your Blackberry & Android
- No more hassle to place the order
- 24/7 review your reports
- 365/24/7 place your sales team armada directly via Mobile Devices
- and many more

Inventory Transaction

-Receive Push Notification directly from your Blackberry Devices
- Add, Remove, Move, and Convert (breakdown), items
-Create unique data collection fields for each type of transaction
-Perform transactions individually or in batches
-Sort inventory results by multiple criteria
-Create notes for locations, items, and specific transactions
-View the last transaction that occurred in a given location
-Search for items by number or description
-Create and use your own unique part numbers or descriptions
-Create unlimited unique units of measure
-Filter your inventory by multiple criteria



Clearly Inventory offers a wide variety of ways to examine your current inventory. You'll also have an accurate historical record of all your transactions and inventory activity.

- Reporting available via Android and Blackberry
-Great search and filtering capabilities
-Export reports in excel or csv format
-Popular standard reports
-Empty Location reports
-Custom reports available on request (some fees may apply)

Data Management



It's easy to manage all of the data tables in your inventory system. Create new SKU's, QR Code, locations, units of measure, bills of materials, ingredient lists, kit lists, quickly and easily.

-Full access to all data tables
-Incorporate QR 2 Dimension and 1Dimension Barcode
- Export any table in excel or csv format
-Export sample data tables that you can populate and then upload
-Five Main Data Tables: Items, Locations, Units of Measure, Bills of Materials, Conversion Factors
-Modify any table any time
-Ability to sort, search, and filter all tables
-Directly edit or add new records to tables
- Link your inventory data with your corporate site, or any other site

Account Management


-Modify user accounts via Android Tablets or Blackberry Smartphone anytime,anywhere
-Password protected
-Manage user rights, and restrict users to specific functions
-View billing and invoice history

Inventory's Customization


You can customize Clearly Inventory to match the way your company does business. Below are just a few examples of what you can do.

- Upload your company logo
- Recieve Push Notification directly from your Blackberry Devices
- Autogenerate 2 Dimensional Barcode
- Create unique data fields for each transaction
- Decide what fields are displayed and/or required to be filled
- Display custom internet links to your web site, or other sites
- Create your own unique URL for your inventory site

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