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Integrate Cloud based e-mails with your favourite desktop Email application

Email, Calendars and Contacts in sync across all devices. Use our webmail app or continue using Mac Mail, Outlook , Thunderbird or your favourite desktop application

Support 1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad

Step-by-step wizards to create email addresses . Automatically generated setup guides. 1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad. Intuitive UI that users love. Easy to use graphical admin. It all helps reduce support calls.

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1-click iOS install for iPhone and iPad
Portfolioman's Cloud Email Server

Cloud Email Server
Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails provides a complete email server, messaging and Groupware platform.Designed feature-rich but maintenance light. A complete Linux Exchange alternative, minus the bloat.

Deploy the Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails software as a complete messaging solution for your company.Complete POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail-server functionality, Groupware features, Web based administration, Webmail interface and more. All built on a high-performance
and reliable platform that includes source-code.

Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails provides a complete Calendaring and Groupware platform. Share events, tasks and contacts with other users on the system. Use the Web-based Calendar for scheduling, and connect a variety of desktop and mobile-devices to the Calendar
server to sync and share data. Powered by open protocols.

Maintenance and administration of the messaging platform is as stress-free as possible. Full Web-based administration is included with streamlined mail-server maintenance, and easy API and administration functions to handle user-accounts. All designed with an emphasis on reliability.

Feature Rich. Maintenance Light.
The Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails Email Server includes support for SMTP, POP3 & IMAP protocols. MySQL is used as the database backend for user-accounts, emailforwarding, aliases, autoreplies and more. LDAP support is included for user authentication.

The complete messaging platform for any industry

The Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails Server

Our Cloud Email is built as a complete messaging platform for any industry. Example usage scenarios include:

Small Business
Use Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails to provide a complete messaging platform for your company employees and staff. Full mailserver included supporting POP3/IMAP, Webmail client, Calendar and Groupware features. Use desktopclients to communicate with the Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails server and utilize the Webmail interface to access user accounts. Simple Web-based administration is included.

Internet Service Providers
Provide Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails as a comprehensive email server solution for your business. Host email accounts using Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails and offer Sub-administration to manage.Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails is designed to scale to millions of user-accounts and offers clustering solutions for high load and availability.

Offer campus-wide email accounts to students and staff using Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails. Use the Webmail interface as acommunication platform for students, and integrate Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails with an existing LDAP server for

The Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails Mailserver includes:

•1 Click install on iPhone & iPad
• Support : Firefox Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express & Many More...
• SMTP, POP3, POP3s, IMAP, IMAPs, SMTP TLS, CalDAV server ( iOs )
• Portfolioman’s Cloud Emails Webmail client
• Complete Web-administration - Sub-admin, User management, reporting, settings
• Spamassassin Anti-Spam engine with user-level settings
• ClamAV Anti-Virus included for incoming/outgoing messages
• Calendar Server included using the open protocol CalDAV specification
• Complete Web Calendar interface
• Groupware Support for sharing Calendar events, tasks and contacts
• Calendar free-busy support for availability and delegation
• Anti-Virus included for incoming/outgoing messages
• Webmail Address-book with Global and Shared contact support
• DKIM and SPF support for the SMTP server
• Multi-server support and Clustering for high-load and availability
• Easy to use REST API for development integration
• SQL database support for User sessions, settings and data
• LDAP support for user database
• Built on open-source and compliant protocols.
• Full source-code included for customization and control

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