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BlackBerry ® is indispensable in the current settings of mobile application development for the entrepreneurial needs.

The BlackBerry Business Solutions provides you to connect the collaborate wherever you are. Not just with email, personal information and voice, but with customer relationship management (CRM), field service, instant messaging, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, internet, internet access and more.

BlackberryWe are Associate Member of the Blackberry Alliance Program

We at offers to serve businesses a decision making solutions which help to increase efficiency and profitability.With sophisticated development tools we can create world-class applications and design optimized web services, applications for BlackBerry Smartphone’s.

Designed especially to target the business class people and professionals who are required to manage their business even while on the go, this smartphone is full of features and facilities whose usage can extend to an entire enterprise, small or huge. As the world’s most popular integrated communication device, BlackBerry supports applications such as:

- Customer relationship management(CRM)
-Enterprise resource planning(ERP)
-Field service
- Order entry
-Push e-mail
-Text messaging
-Internet faxing
-Web browsing

Whether it’s technical excellence to deliver business value or a mobile application need of some other niche, we ensure that our clients get solutions that are highly interactive, flexible, scalable, interoperable, and seamless.We deliver nothing short of the best in BlackBerry mobile application development for business collaboration/productivity or entertainment and utility.

BlackberryWhy You Want a Native App produces Native Apps, which are applications that run directly on the mobile device and interact with your database over the internet. An alternative approach is to deploy Web Apps, which are accessed through the browser on your mobile device.

BlackberryNative apps have big advantages, including:

Offline Access

Native apps can be used when a user has no network connectivity, such as on an airplane, in an underground parking garage. If users are sometimes in areas where network access is unavailable or unreliable, a native app is your only real option.

Device Integration

Native apps are more effective at integrating the unique capabilities of the mobile device into the application, such as the GPS, Contact List, Camera and Voice Recorder. In a native app, images,Payment Gateway Processing, Push Promotion, GPS coordinates, voice memos can be directly piped into the database without the user having to search and attach them.

User Experience

The user interface of a native app can be designed to be consistent with what the users expects and is accustomed to on their particular device. For instance, BlackBerry users are accustomed to selecting through menus, while Android users expect buttons and other user interface conventions.

Flexible Synchronization

Native apps can be configured to periodically synchronize with various backend data sources, which can reduce data costs, particularly while roaming. If users do not need to synchronize their data until the end of the day, why go to the trouble and expense of having them establish an internet connection each time they do an update?

Push Capabilities

Native apps can use "Push Technology" available on many mobile devices to automatically update the application data rather than relying on the user to log into the web application. You can get important information out to your users without having to train them to constantly check the database over the web.

If you have an application that is currently accessed by users through the browser on their PC, it may be possible to use the existing application from the browser on their mobile devices. However, most companies find that they need to develop a mobile version of their web app to be effective for mobile users, so additional web development must be done. With a native app can be developed easily, and usually with less time and expense than an equivalent web app

BlackberryOfficial Download

We at will help to upload and submit both your native apps in Blackberry & Android to RIM Blackberry App World and Android Google Play free of charges, which can be search and download across the world

Feel free to contact us for your upcoming application. Our customer services will be gladly to help you.


A closer look at BlackBerry OS 10

View BB10

A huge part of RIM's woes is that the current phone OS, BlackBerry 7 is an ancient relic, a throwback to the stone age of Java-powered handsets. BlackBerry 10 changes all that. It's a much more modern, UNIX-based operating system from QNX that has run critical industrial infrastructure and telematic systems in cars for years. Judging from what Heins showcased in his keynote, the look and feel of BB10 will be something like a cross between all three of its major mobile OS competitors.

The Home screen will have big graphical tabs for application shortcuts that will display real-time information, much like Android widgets or Windows Phone Live tiles. It's still unclear exactly how these tabs will function but you can bet RIM will do its best to gin them up with plenty of fancy eye-candy.

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BlackberryPush Notifications

Push Notifications allow you to send messages directly to the people who have installed your app, even when your app is closed. Deliver relevant information including new product release, new Promotion, even updated Stock inventory. Send messages to your full audience, segment your audience into specific groups, or send custom messages to individuals.

BlackberryRich Push

Rich Push allows you to go beyond simple alerts by adding engaging experiences into your notifications. Add HTML, video, audio, maps and other rich media components to your push messages. Track delivery and message views, and allow your Rich Push messages to be kept in a persistent inbox located within your app.


Get valuable data about your app users. Track how users respond to your mobile messaging and learn how to increase user engagement through smart push-notification strategies. we can help you refine your mobile campaigns to increase relevance, user engagement and app ROI.

BlackberryThe Next Generation Blackberry 10
View Blackberry 10 Alpha Device